Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is Interior Styling really worth it?

A.  Yes!  The Real Estate Institute of Victoria were quoted that if a 1% investment of the sale price is allocated to pre sale property styling, it can return up to 10% of the sale price.  So for a $500,000 property, an investment of $5,000 for styling and furniture hire could bring in a $50,000 return come auction day. Mind you, it could bring in $85,000!  A great return.


Another way to think of it is would you detail your car for sale, perhaps fit new tyres, cut and polish, shampoo the upholstery, vacuum the floor? It makes sense to detail your property as well.   Would you invest in a new suit or business outfit for an interview for your dream job, so why not invest in new furniture and styling.


A skilled Stylist will create an emotional attachment to your property and that all important sense of space with clever furniture placement for when groups manoeuvre in and out of rooms during the opens. Blocking entrances or doorways creates a restrictive feel and the sense of limited space, so it’s important to create a good flow and the impression of space.  


Whilst we want to present your property in the best possible light, we’re also skilled at disguising those little defects with clever tricks of the trade to highlight the positives, rather than the negatives.


Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Yes, we accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express.


Q. How much would it cost to furnish and style my property for sale?

A. Each property is different so costs vary depending on the amount of furniture and styling required. The Interior Stylist will provide a free no obligation quote “on the house”.


Q. I have a three bedroom house, could you at least give me a rough idea as to how much it would cost to furnish and style my property?

A. There’s many variables to this questions so there’s no fixed price. It will depend on the size and orientation of each room, budget, quality and quantity of furniture needed. For example, a small living room that faces south with little natural light would require a minimal amount of furniture to create the impression of space. This concept would not cost very much.


If on the other hand we were to style an oversized living room that could be divided into two zones, living and study area or living and casual dining for example, all to showcase the sense of space and versatility, then this would require more furniture and accessories and therefore more cost.


Q. Does the Interior Stylist have their own furniture or hire from an outside Company?

A. We have an extensive range of our own furniture, artwork, lighting, linen and décor items, so it reduces costs to the customer without third party costs.


Q. What is the minimum hire period?

A. The minimum hire period for furniture and accessories is four weeks. However we provide two extra weeks complimentary for marketing and photography purposes prior to opens. Most real estate campaigns are four weeks, so this gives you extra time to have your property showcased at no extra cost. 


Q. Can we use some of our own furniture combined with some of yours?

A. No unfortunately.  We have found that to achieve the highest possible price for your property, fresh eyes and fresh furniture can create that WOW factor and really help to sell your property quickly.  We highly recommend a full interior styling solution with furniture and styling from a professional Interior Designer.


Q. What happens if we sell before auction?

A. Break open the bubbles! Selling before auction is ideal as it relieves the stress of auctions and means no more open for inspections and keeping your home sparkling clean and tidy 24/7. If you sell before auction, you’re welcome to keep the furniture in the property until the six weeks is up or it can be removed sooner if you prefer.


Q. What happens if I like the furniture, can I buy it?

A. Yes. Many of our Clients love how our furniture and styling look and are interested in purchasing one off pieces or a whole look. We are fortunate in that we have wonderful suppliers whose prices are more reasonable than buying directly through retail outlets so we are able to purchase at reduced rates. If you’re interested in any pieces please let us know and we can provide you with a quote and if they’re still available, as some pieces may be discontinued.